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Since the modulation of the endocannabinoid system is important in improving the symptoms and quality of life of people suffering from pathologies that are also very different from each other (from glaucoma to epilepsy, from chronic pain to Alzheimer’s …) it is estimated that one third of the Italian population may find benefit from cannabinoid-based therapies (cbd oils and other products). We are talking about 20 million people.|
It is evident that in order to cope with these numbers it is necessary to establish a solid path that enables medical professionals to update their knowledge, with a synergistic increase of professionals trained in the application and use of cannabinoid-based therapies, simultaneously with an optimization of the national supply of Medical Cannabis, (which to date is still outside the logic of the free market, with collateral supply lower than demand, and medium-high costs).
As we know, Italian laws have been legislating for about a year on Medical Cannabis, allowing any doctor, whether specialist, pediatrician or basic, to prescribe cannabinoids and their derivatives for any health condition for which they exist sufficient supporting scientific evidence.
Currently, only some Italian universities of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, Pharmacy and Agriculture provide some lessons on cannabinoids and / or Endocannabinoid System, but no Faculty of Medicine has set up courses, classes or exams on the topic, effectively leaving professionals without the key tools. doctors who find themselves having choices for which they have not been adequately prepared.

A void that is expressed in the numbers of prescribers in Italy: just over a hundred, compared to the 258,200 doctors in the Peninsula.
Medical cannabis is distributed in galenic pharmacies, through the formulation of masterful preparations. From this it follows that not only doctors, but also preparatory pharmacists need specialized training on regulations and preparation methods. Currently, of the 19,000 pharmacies available in Italy, about 600 are preparing cannabinoid-based medicines, leaving many geographical areas uncovered, with the inevitable inconvenience for the patient population that requires access. To address this problem in the 2017/2018 Academic Year, the Neuroscience Department of the University of Padua opened a one-year residential improvement course on the medicinal, botanical and legal aspects of cannabis. The lessons are held by a large group of doctors and researchers from various sectors and the students complete the year with the discussion of a final paper. From 2018/2019 some of the lessons are ECM accredited.

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